Expat leaving the Netherlands

Practical and Procedural help

Van Lienden relocation

Preparations for return and move

When your work contract ends, Van Lienden can assist you with preparations for your return, so that you can have a well coordinated departure back to your home and work.

Inform Dutch government and Immigration Service

It will be necessary to inform the Dutch government and immigration service of your departure. Again, we can again help you through these procedures and ensure that you are formally removed from their systems. We also offer a service where you and your family members can be taken to Schiphol for your return journey.

Final household bills and cleaning

We can organise your removal quotes and there is also an option for us to be available on the leaving day to support you. So that you can leave confident in the knowledge that everything is clean and tidy, we can arrange a cleaning service and deal with final meter readings to ensure  that your gas, water and electricity contracts are concluded.