During your stay in the Netherlands

Welkom in Nederland

van lienden family


We can meet you at Schiphol airport arrivals and escort you to the location your employer has arranged for you.

Immigration service (IND) visit

We will come with you to collect your residency card soon as possible. We will check the document immediately, and in case of errors we will ask  the Immigration Service (IND) to correct the document at their cost.

If there are other interviews that you need to have at the immigration services, we will schedule those on the same day and assist and translate as necessary.

At the City hall / council office

Van Lienden Relocation will asssist you at City hall and/or the expat centre. The main priority is to acquire your BSN number (Burgerservice nummer.) You need this number to get your salary and health insurance, and your employer uses it for his personnel registration system. In most cases, after registration of the relevant documents at the Gemeente ( council office ) you will get your BSN number immediately.

The BSN is also required for application of the 30% ruling. This ruling will reduce the amount of income tax and is a priority for most of our clients. Van Lienden Relocation can apply for the 30% ruling on your behalf.


We can assist with finding a suitable bank and setting up a bank account. We can guide you through the Dutch banking system and help you with internet banking, payment and bank card options. In many cases it is then possible to use internet banking to organise your own financial affairs, via an English language website.

Health insurance

Health insurance in the Netherlands is mandatory, and we can help you find the right health insurance arrangements for you and your family.
Some employers run a shared health insurance scheme which you can choose to join, or you may decide to take out you own policy. We are available to advise you on a suitable company and a policy that meets your needs.

Housing and living in the Netherlands

Van Lienden can guide and advise you regarding suitable housing. If you would prefer to do this yourself, we can help you with the process of defining realistic expectations for housing needs and give advice about finding suitable housing. We can also give you information about living in the Netherlands and advise regarding transport and mobility. We can arrange a ‘learn to cycle’ course. If you wish, we can find and look round selected accommodation with you, so that you can quickly find a suitable house or apartment where you will feel at home.

Moving house

In consultation with you, we can arrange a suitable date for household removal. In the event of loss or damage we can negotiate for recovery or replacement of your goods.

Education and Schooling

If you have children who need schooling in the Netherlands, Van Lienden can help you by explaining the Dutch education system and the possibilities it offers for your family. You may consider international schooling or select a Dutch school within the locality you have chosen. We can arrange and accompany you and your family on school visits and help you to find education that suits each child.

Water and energy at your new home

We can advise and negotiate with water and energy service providers for your new home and help you set up payment contracts.

Language Lessons

Van Lienden can provide language lessons at all levels. For extensive information go to the section on Language Training.


Traffic rules
We can provide a book on ‘Rules of the road’ in the Netherlands. In our experience, particularly at first, you may have a high need for information about speed limits, parking regulations, and help with translation of road signs. This prevents accidental violation of Dutch traffic regulations, and helps you feel safe and at home on the roads in the Netherlands.

Driving Licence exchange
You can drive for a limited length of time on a foreign driving licence. This length of time depends on the country in which the licence was obtained. If necessary we can take care of the procedure for exchange to a Dutch driving licence.
In all cases we can inform you of the legal lifetime of any foreign driving licence in the Netherlands, so that this important exchange process can begin at an appropriate time.

Public Transport
We can inform you about the extensive public transport network of the Netherlands, also the ov-chipkaart, the ov-fiets and ns-taxi. We also recommend useful websites and apps. This will extend your mobility and flexibility .

Holland is the country of bicycles. Particularly in urban areas the bicycle is the transport of choice. Moreover, cycling contributes to that ‘at home in the Netherlands’ feeling.
We can help with the purchase of a bicycle and also provide access to cycle courses to suit your needs.
Once you are mobile on a bike you will need an understanding of traffic regulations in the Netherlands. If required we can provide a textbook detailing the Dutch rules of the road.

General information

During the relocation process we can provide information about:

  • Shop opening hours
  • The museum pass system
  • Useful websites and apps
  • Food shopping and supermarkets
  • Sports and fitness facilities
  • Libraries
  • Newspapers etc.