Before your arrival

Van Lienden Schiphol

Required documents and legalization procedures

Van Lienden can help and advise you with the collation of required documents and the document legalization procedures. Translation work is available where required.

Setting an arrival and start date

Van Lienden will advise you and your employer about a realistic arrival and start date. It is important that you have sufficient time to move and to arrange the necessary paperwork and obtain a visa via Immigration (IND) .


Van Lienden can organise a total relocation package. We will advise you about relocation options so that you can make an informed choice, and work with you so that you get quality relocation at the right price.

We have extensive experience of relocating pets and the import of vehicles. We can also assist with removal of special valuable objects such as artwork and large musical instruments e.g. pianos.

Housing and living in the Netherlands

Van Lienden can guide and advise you regarding suitable housing. If you would prefer to do this yourselves, we can help you with the process of defining realistic expectations for housing needs and give advice about finding suitable housing. We can also give you information about living in the Netherlands and advise regarding transport and mobility. We can arrange a ‘learn to cycle’ course. If you wish, we can find and look round selected accommodation with you so that you can quickly find a suitable house or apartment where you will feel at home.

We can then oversee the rental contract process and the setting up of a removal date. In case of any loss or damage of your possessions during removal we can pursue the removal company on your behalf for recovery or reimbursement.

Vehicle import

If you wish to import your car to the Netherlands we can arrange the necessary import documents and a Dutch license plate. We can also arrange car insurance.