Dutch Driving Licence

A while ago I got a call from a stressed Expat. He had been stopped by the police and they had taken his car. Why? He was a resident and had not changed his Foreign Driving License into a Dutch one. His employer was unaware of this obligation and had given him a company car.  He needed help… immediately.

An expat can drive for a limited length of time on a foreign driving license. This length of time depends on the country in which the licence was obtained.
In all cases we can inform you or your employer of the legal lifetime of any foreign driving licence in the Netherlands, so that this important exchange process can begin at an appropriate time.

In some cases you even have to do a Dutch driving test. However, fortunately this is not allways the case.

Fortunately we were able to help this unfortunate new client and a month later he was in possesion of a valid Dutch driving License. All is well that ends well.

Do you need help with the exchange of your Foreign License?

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