Dutch citizenship?

There are two ways to obtain Dutch citizenship:  The option procedure or the Naturalisation procedure.

The option procedure is quick.

* You do need a valid residence document.

* You have lived in the Netherlands or a Dutch territory for the majority of your life.

* You have been married to or lived with a Dutch citizen for at least three years and have lived in the Netherlands for 15 years continuously without any gaps in your residency.

* You are over 65 and have lived in the Netherlands for at least 15 years.

* One of your parents is Dutch and you have lived with them in the Netherlands for at least three years.

Applying for citizenship via this route is usually quite quick. It takes approximately three months.


The Naturalisation procedure is more complex.

* You need a valid residence document.

* You must be 18+ years

* You have either: been married to a Dutch national or lived with a Dutch national for three continuous years, lived in the Netherlands for an uninterrupted period of five years with a valid residence permit; ; or you have lived in the Netherlands with a valid residence permit for a period of 10 years, with at least the last 2 years continuously.

* You are integrated in Dutch society and are able to read, write, speak and understand Dutch and must prove this by taking a civic integration examination, and must pass the A2-level. If you have obtained another diploma or degree (in Dutch) you can be eligible for an exemption.

* In the last four years you have not been subject to a custodial sentence, training order, community service order or large financial penalty (more than EUR 450).

* You are prepared to renounce your current nationality. If you do not do this your Dutch citizenship may be withdrawn (there are exceptions).

* You have a residence permit for a non-temporary purpose.

The Naturalisation procedure will take one year.

If you need advice? Please contact Van Lienden Relocation.  


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