About Van Lienden

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About Van Lienden

Van Lienden began in 1992. We work with a variety of clients ranging from multinational organisations to private individuals. Many clients comment on our efficient yet friendly service.

Immigration law is our speciality, and we have professional contacts within Government organisations, such as the Immigration Service (IND), the Tax Office (Belastingdienst) and local councils.

Our competence and contacts allow us to help many businesses and individuals to quickly and efficiently negotiate the maze that is the Dutch rules and regulations.

Our expertise in international relocation allows us to to prepare you at a personal or corporate level for a move abroad.

Feeling at home in another country is closely linked with an understanding of the new language. It is important for many expats to grasp the basics of Dutch language and to begin to understand,  speak and read Dutch. It is nice to be able to great your neighbours and read your energy bill yourself.

Van Lienden has experienced language teachers available who have specific skills to teach languages to expats.

Our service is quick, efficient and personal. Please call us.


Van Lienden Relocation heeft ons meerdere malen met tomeloze inzet geholpen met alle aspecten van relocatie van internationaal werkende werknemers. Wij hebben regelmatig gebruik gemaakt van de diensten en zullen de samenwerking alleen maar verder intensiveren als het aan ons ligt.  Een echte aanrader.

Mark OkkesOCRE Offshore Services

Van Lienden managed to provide a top quality service and “smoothen” my arrival to the Netherlands. She knew exactly what was needed and clearly adviced me on various subjects, I have to say that after so many years I still follow some of her advice.
I strongly recommend them as an excellent relocation facilitator with a personal touch.

Sebastian MacLeanHeerema

Van Lienden gave us and our new family member the feeling of being always at home.

Eduardo Batalha de MagalhaesAllseas Engineering

Learning Dutch whilst moving to a new job and a new country was always going to take a flexible and adaptive teacher and teaching style. Anke managed to find a way to encourage and challenge whilst fitting in with my ever changing agenda. It made the lessons a pleasure not just a task.

Kevin SwindinSpring Global Mail