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Van Lienden Relocation is a company with over 25 years of experience in relocation, in the very broadest sense of the word. We organise visas and residency permits for new employees such as ‘highly skilled migrants‘ who would like to come to live and work in the Netherlands.
We handle the entire processing of the required documents prior to the arrival of your employee.
Van Lienden always take into account the wishes and specific relocation needs of the expatriate themselves, for example in the area of housing.


Van Lienden Languages organises customised language training in almost all modern languages. An expat in the Netherlands can quickly and efficiently learn the Dutch language with our teaching. We offer personal language teaching at all levels, and we can help to develop different language skills such as conversation and writing. The course can be individually tailored to meet specific needs and we will support the client to study in a focused and motivated way.

About language training

Facility Management

Van Lienden Facility Management assists companies who need help with Facilities Management or who want to brainstorm the development of facility processes. We offer creative input to improve your organisational processes.
Van Lienden would be delighted to help you with the challenge of people and process management. We have experience in business relocation, reorganisation and mergers.

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Useful information


Income requirements / monthly minimum 2020

Highly skilled migrants from the age of 30:
€ 4.612 ex.
Highly skilled migrants younger than 30:
€ 3.381 ex.
Highly educated migrant scheme (Master or PhD):
€ 2.423 ex.
EU-blue card :
€ 5.403 ex.

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Erkend Referent/ Recognised Organisation

Only a recognised organisation can submit an application on behalf of a highly skilled migrant.

The organisation has to be recognised by the IND as a sponsor. As such, an organisation that is not recognised by the IND cannot act as a sponsor for a highly skilled migrant.

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Tommy Hilfiger
Network Appliance
Siebel Systems
Lloyd's Register

Van Lienden Relocation heeft ons meerdere malen met tomeloze inzet geholpen met alle aspecten van relocatie van internationaal werkende werknemers. Wij hebben regelmatig gebruik gemaakt van de diensten en zullen de samenwerking alleen maar verder intensiveren als het aan ons ligt.  Een echte aanrader.

Mark OkkesOCRE Offshore Services

Van Lienden managed to provide a top quality service and “smoothen” my arrival to the Netherlands. They knew exactly what was needed and clearly adviced me on various subjects, I have to say that after so many years I still follow some of their advice.
I strongly recommend them as an excellent relocation facilitator with a personal touch.

Sebastian MacLeanHeerema

Van Lienden gave us and our new family member the feeling of being always at home.

Eduardo Batalha de MagalhaesAllseas Engineering

Learning Dutch whilst moving to a new job and a new country was always going to take a flexible and adaptive teacher and teaching style. Anke managed to find a way to encourage and challenge whilst fitting in with my ever changing agenda. It made the lessons a pleasure not just a task.

Kevin SwindinSpring Global Mail

It is my privilege to recommend Anke van Lienden, as a professional Relocator who is living near Amsterdam in the Netherlands, for helping your company in the field of the relocation of your future employee. Anke has relocated me and my family members from Iran to the Netherlands as per my employer’s request (Lloyd’s Register EMEA). I have found her to be honest, reliable and conscientious. Anke help us in the following matters:
1 – MVV Visa
2 – IND Meetings, Associated Documents and Registration
3 – City hall Meetings and Registration
4 – Works related to the Bank and Public Health Service (GGD)
I am pleased to recommend Anke to you to fulfill your expectations. I believe her work would, not only meet, but exceed your expectations should you choose to ask her. I will be happy to speak with you further regarding Van Lienden’s qualifications or answer any questions you may have.

Reza AlibeikeLoyd’s Register EMEA

I know Anke van Lienden since 2012. She facilitated my Knowledge Worker Visa.
In 2014 Van Lienden relocation helped me in a dramatical situation. Expired Knowledge worker Visa and 28 days to leave Holland. She was able in an unbelievable short term to analyse possible options and implement the best one.
Structure in work, perfection in details, experience with no doubts, deep understanding of client issues and flexibility – the qualities of Anke van Lienden allowed me to stay with my partner and continue my career.
I would highly recommend Van Lienden as the best relocation expert.
Max Kapshtyk

Max Kapshtyk4Bis

I’d like to recommend Van Lienden Relocation as well organized and professional Company.
They have provided me with all necessary advise and support (including accompanying in official offices) required for obtaining: Residence card, BSN number, Bank account, Driving License, Family invitation letter.
I also would like to mention timely and prompt arrangements allowing me to “kill two birds by one stone” and sort all issues in one go which is vital for the working person.

Vlad KudriavtsevVBMS

Van Lienden

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Facility Management

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